Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Morning Walk

Global warming, the most talked about phenomenon, has made the weather bipolar. Even though it’s already the end of May, the weather is still kind of chilly/cold in some days. Maybe it’s because I’m used to warm weather. But, it’s been hot and steamy these days. So here I’m for a little morning adventure in the early morning.

Purse: Mango
Rings: Nasty Gal

It remained in this position for a good minute like it was posing for me.

The sky is so blue and clear. The streets are still empty and the neighborhoods are quiet. People are probably struggling to drag themselves out of their comfortable beds and getting ready for work with still a trace of sleepiness. But the warm weather and the peacefulness cheer me up so much.

I love staring at the sky and ignoring whatever is going on around me.
It also reminds me of the smell of hang dry clothes.

I kept walking for a while and then I found out there was a small park near the downtown area.

Maxi Dress: FAshion BAbe's Wendy HOuse
Arm band: Planet Blue

Before I realized, I was at the train station already. I wanted to wave to people on the train, so I found a parking lot near by the station and waited.

I really like this irregular pattern maxi dress with geometric prints. The 70s' fashion is coming back, and long dresses are one of the signature styles. This dress contains the 70s’ elements and at the same time adds in some fun and creative design such as the irregular pattern at the bottom. You can wear it as shorter in the front, which is one of the INs this summer or shorter on the side.

Sadly, I only saw a freight train. So I couldn’t wave to the people on the train…

On the way back, I ran into a Husky which made my day. He’s just done pooping so he looked extra happy in this photo.

He was jumping up and down.

Passing by the park when walking back.

Sandals: Steve Madden

Love taking a walk in the early morning before everything comes alive and becomes busy.

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  1. You're so gorgeous :) Love your dress, and rings :) and the bunny!


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