Sunday, June 19, 2011

Go Retro!

Being a girl, I always need a new pair of shoes to go with my new dress or a new top to go with my new bag. As a result, I need three closets to contain all my clothes. But like many other girls, there are just as many clothes that I never wear even once.

While I was going through all my clothes the other day I found a striped crop top and a pair of old jeans from my mom. I cut the jeans to a pair jean shorts and they turned out perfect. I am a big fan of vintage clothing and these shorts are exactly how I want them to be.

I have this crop top forever and I never wear it because I think it is too 60s. But I'm trying to retro, it will be a perfect top to match my jeans.

The boots are one of my favorites among all my shoe collections. I wonder if it'd be too hot to wear them when the temperature reaches 80s or 90s. If so, it would probably be the only thing I do not like about summer.

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