Sunday, June 26, 2011

Reminisce 60s Polka Dots: The Day I Fell in Love with Grumpy's

I like 60s fashion. The bell-bottom jeans, A-line mini skirts, polka dots and all sorts of hippie and androgynous look.

I was in Riverside only for couple days but I fell in love with so many things in this beautiful town. Such as the library and Grumpy's Cafe.

The library is located right next to a river. So if you pick a window seat in the library, you will be able to view the river whenever you take a break from reading and look out from the windows. The place is spacious, quiet, studious and cozy. The lawn is carefully maintained as well. So we took some photos here and I thought it'd be perfect to take some black and white ones for my outfit today.

Grumpy's is just a small cafe at Riverside that sells ice cream and coffee. But I have developed an emotional attachement with it. To be more specific, I am hooked with the Iced Mocha at Grumpy's. I had to go there twice a day. I've always been a loyal customer to Starbucks, but I would definitely switch to Grumpy's if we had one in Champaign or Urbana.

According to the boy's littlest brother, everyone in this town loves Grumpy's. Look how happy Grumpy's make him. He's totally enjoying his "Superwoman" ice cream. I would have the same smile on my face as well if I could have some Grumpy's right now...


  1. wow!!! I love your dotted blouse! Looks so elegant and stylish on you! Like how you matched it with oversized sunglasses!



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