Friday, June 3, 2011


White is such a plain yet magical color. It can be simple, pure, romantic, warm and sexy.  
It reminds me of clean bed sheets, angels, weddings and Greece. Therefore, I have this obsession to white dresses. And I think every girl should have at least one white dress for the summer.

Because of its simplicity, it’s so easy to match with any colors of shoes or accessories. 

I'm a big fan of cross straps sandals. They elongate your legs even more and add an extra feminine look to your feet. 

White dresses also make your shoes and accessories stand out while remaining the main focus of your outfit. I can think of so many occasions that I will wear this dress to. Who says fashion cannot be practical?


  1. I love white summer dresses too! ;)
    Love your blog, come check out mine! :)

  2. the dress looks gorgeous!xx

  3. I adore that dress so much! How feminine and goddessy, but with sass :)

  4. wooo!! I love your dress!! it´s beautiful *_*


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