Sunday, May 29, 2011

Birds chirping on a Sunday Morning

Remember until high school, waking up early was not impossible. It was hard, but not impossible. Somehow, after college waking up before noon has become the hardest thing in the world. My sleep cycle was completely messed up since I graduated in May. I went to bed when the sun came out. And I would just sleep the day away.

However, living in Illinois for almost 3 years, I have learned that summer is too short to be wasted on sleeping! After 6 months of brutal weather, the long awaited summer has finally arrived. I am not going to sleep summer 2011 away.

May 29, 2011 Sunday morning 7AM

Hair ready- Fish tail

Get dressed- Chiffon top from FAshion BAbe's Wendy HOuse

So, I did grocery shopping at 7 AM on a Sunday morning at County Market. I was excited to get Rocky Road ice cream but unfortunately they did not have it. But I have to say I actually enjoy shopping when the supermarket is empty. Like this place is reserved for me.

This morning was productive. From now on, I am going to an earlier bird.


  1. Loving the little vid of your feet walking ;) I'm following you, would love to see you follow me back - cheers.



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