Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Is the Season to Play with Colors

Color blocking is not new in fashion. However, this summer it has definitely been taken to the next level. Actually, one of the reasons I love summer so much is the chance to play with colors. It is fun to create a chic look by using color contrasts.

A few days ago I was at H&M looking for new inspirations. While I was going through piles of clothes on the racks, my eyes were caught by a pair of lime green shorts.

So I decided to pick up these shorts and create a summery look with them. The next thing I saw was a semi-see-through yellow ruffled top.

At first, I was a little bit skeptical about this top because I do not always look good in loose-fitting tops. But after trying it on with those shorts, I knew I had to get it.

Later on, I found one more reason to love this top. It's a bit see-through on the back, but not the front. It's sexy but not too revealing.

As we were walking around taking photos in Urbana area, we found this old spiral staircase. I'm fond of spiral staircases because they remind me of castles.

Trying very hard to climb on the stairs in these huge heels.

I was not an accessory person until recently I found out how they could easily make a simple look appear stylish and fun. They are like salt in our food. It's not the main ingredient, but without it nothing tastes taste good.

I picked up a cute blazer at H&M as well. But it was too hot to wear it.

Get creative and have fun playing with colors.

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