Thursday, June 30, 2011

Floral Fashion Never Dies: Charming, Sexy and Elegant

Floral fashion trend has been around for a while. Actually, it kind of died down during the winter. But it is definitely one of the hottest trends for Summer 2011. From floral dresses to floral print shoes and jewelry, it is no longer just the floral print itself. It is about the shapes, the shades, the colors and the creativity to mix and match with other items.

Not just the floral sweater, the shorts have a ribbon-flower on them as well. The colors of this sweater are so solid and bright. You can find this sweater Here

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One Step Closer to The Nature: Bonfire Series

I grew up in the city and I have lived in the city for my entire life. I never really like any kind of outdoor activities mainly because I hate bugs and mosquitos and trees make my skin itch. But to be honest, I began to like bonfires.

At first, I did not like the smoke of the burning logs and the after smell of bonfires. I think the reason I like it now has a lot to do with my first experience with a bonfire. I remember it was at the beginning of this year when it was still freezing outside. Being in the cold and having a fire that kept me warm gave me a complicated sensation to fire.

Fire is obviously one of the necessary energies for our survival. At the same time, it is dangerous. It is like water. It keeps as alive and it kills us as well. It is insane how dependent human beings are. We depend on all sorts of resources to live and we develop emotional attachments to other people, our pets, things you have had since you were little and so on. Being dependent makes us vulnerable and sometimes I wish I were an animal so everything would be simple: to live or to die. But at the same time, it is amazing being able to have emotions and feelings and to live a life in a way that does not only involve living or dying. We remember things and we grow from mistakes. Everything we have done and have been through make us who we are. If there is next life, I want to be human being again.

So bonfire has become one of the very few outdoor activities that I really like even during summer. At night when it is breezy, it feels really nice to sit beside a bonfire under the moonlight and listen to the tree frogs calling while being surrounded by fire flies.

People say staring at a fire will calm you down. It is so beautiful when it glows.

Marshmallow is a must for bonfires.

I love these jeggings. But they were totally ruined by Abby. Now it just got a huge hole in it instead of small rips. I will have to take a photo of them later. 

Don't play with fire.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Reminisce 60s Polka Dots: The Day I Fell in Love with Grumpy's

I like 60s fashion. The bell-bottom jeans, A-line mini skirts, polka dots and all sorts of hippie and androgynous look.

I was in Riverside only for couple days but I fell in love with so many things in this beautiful town. Such as the library and Grumpy's Cafe.

The library is located right next to a river. So if you pick a window seat in the library, you will be able to view the river whenever you take a break from reading and look out from the windows. The place is spacious, quiet, studious and cozy. The lawn is carefully maintained as well. So we took some photos here and I thought it'd be perfect to take some black and white ones for my outfit today.

Grumpy's is just a small cafe at Riverside that sells ice cream and coffee. But I have developed an emotional attachement with it. To be more specific, I am hooked with the Iced Mocha at Grumpy's. I had to go there twice a day. I've always been a loyal customer to Starbucks, but I would definitely switch to Grumpy's if we had one in Champaign or Urbana.

According to the boy's littlest brother, everyone in this town loves Grumpy's. Look how happy Grumpy's make him. He's totally enjoying his "Superwoman" ice cream. I would have the same smile on my face as well if I could have some Grumpy's right now...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A New Hobby: Burger/Guitar Madness

I always wanted to learn how to play guitar but had been postponing it because of my laziness. Inspired by people around me, I decided to take some guitar lessons. And by lessons I meant asking the boy to teach me. Although based on our discussion this afternoon,I am too good at receiving favors from people. What can I say? There are too many talented people around me that I can learn from. :)

Anyway, before we started the lesson we went to Joe's for the $7 1 pound burger.

Starbucks is my crack. 

Yummy Yummy full my tummy...

Talking about dorky stuff at Joe's. :)

Struggling with my left hand.

So far I have learned E, G, C and A- chords. I am still working on switching between different chords. Hopefully, I will be able to play a song soon. :) 

And I just realized I did not take any picture for my outfit today. Here it is. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

North Avenue Beach: A Cloudy Beach/Lake Day

I was excited to go to the beach/lake. The boy insisted it was a beach. But it was really a lake. It did not really matter if it was a lake or a beach, as long as there were sand and water I would be satisfied.

Unfortunately, the higher your expectations are, the more disappointed you will get when things do not go as you wish. It was cloudy and windy. The sun came out for 45 seconds and then went back to hiding behind the dark and evil-looking clouds. I was upset and grumpy. And the boy was trying so hard to cheer me up. I'm sorry he had to put up with my grumpiness... After all, I was the one who kept asking him to take me to the beach.

Realizing I was acting like a spoiled child, I decided to just enjoy our time on the beach. Even though the water was freezing, I had to go into the water and sport one of my favorite Victoria's Secrets' Swimsuits.

I wish next time I visit the beach it will be sunny. Although the day started out rough, it ended perfectly with Grumpy's Iced Mocha and a bonfire at the boy's. More photos to come! :)