Thursday, June 30, 2011

Floral Fashion Never Dies: Charming, Sexy and Elegant

Floral fashion trend has been around for a while. Actually, it kind of died down during the winter. But it is definitely one of the hottest trends for Summer 2011. From floral dresses to floral print shoes and jewelry, it is no longer just the floral print itself. It is about the shapes, the shades, the colors and the creativity to mix and match with other items.

Not just the floral sweater, the shorts have a ribbon-flower on them as well. The colors of this sweater are so solid and bright. You can find this sweater Here

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  1. Lovely outfit! Saw your post on chictopia and thought of dropping by here on your blog. You have such a great style that i truly admire. We definitely share a common interest towards fashion and i hope you can check out mine as well. Have a great day! xo


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