Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lace it up: how feminine can you be?

It has been over a month since summer started. I have not been anywhere else besides Champaign which is very unusual for me. But this week I am spending four days in Chicago with the boy. There are many things I plan to do in Chicago: visiting the beach, shopping on Michigan Avenue, and treasure hunting at some vintage stores near the Belmont area. Four days just seem too short.

I was very excited about this trip that I could not fall asleep at all on Sunday night. We left Champaign around noon and arrived Homer Glen in the late afternoon to visit Matthew.

The house is just surrounded by trees and there is a pond in the backyard. I do not like the nature very much, but this place is so chill and the people who live there are cool, so I really enjoyed staying there.

The black thing on the bottom of this picture is Abby, my new friend. It was the second time we met and we definitely had this connection. So she deserves one blog post that's just going to be talking about her. 

These Jessica Simpson's Ballerina Flats are my new favorite. They are so comfortable and cute. I normally would not wear flats like this. But sandals and high-heels are just not for every occasion.

Found a cowboy hat on a guitar.

Matthew is a talented musician. 

Matt's step-dad. He is also one outstanding musician.

The guys are chilling and some crazy idea is about to come out. 

There were three musicians and we had lots of fun jamming music in the basement. The boy is good at playing the bass, Matt is an excellent pianist and drummer, and Greg just rocks as a guitarist. It was truly amazing being there listening to three talented people express themselves through music. I believe they deserve a blog post like Abby. So more pictures and videos coming up!

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