Friday, July 1, 2011

When Versace Meets H&M: The Iconic Collection

Everyone is crazy about H&M's new collaborator- Donatella Versace. There will be two rollouts: 11/17 and 1/19. The women's line will include elements like studded leather, silk and colorful prints. These are enough for me to look forward to this new collection.

Since 1978, Versace has firmly established its Italian label in the luxury section. Its styles are glamorous and sexy. It reminds people of red carpets and it loves the use of celebrity faces. I know Madonna and Jennifer Lopez are definitely Versace wearers. Models like Kate Moss is one of its great models and endorsers.

I was surprised (in a good way) that Versace is designing for H&M's new line. Since it contradicts with Versace's brand image, doesn't it? H&M is a well-respected European brand and I love it because it is affordable and at the same time fashionable. Although H&M named the new collection as "Iconic Collection" to reflect Versace's brand image, I wonder what the price points are going to be. For sure it will not be cheap for H&M standard. But compare to Versace, maybe it will provide one more alternative for fashion lovers who are looking for affordable clothes with great styles.

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