Friday, July 15, 2011

Environment Reflects Your State of Mind: How can your home make you in a better mood?

I moved out from parents' house since I was fourteen. Ever since then, I have either lived in dorms or apartments. Now, I would really appreciate living in a house with a backyard or a garden. I have been dreaming about my future home and the interior design. Although owning a house of my own is not going to happen in the near future, I do not mind start gathering ideas from now. Maybe it can serve as a motivation for me to work harder and save up.

For me, the most important things in a house are the bathroom, dressing room, bedroom and study room. I have been paying attention to many architecture magazines and websites. It is amazing how you can create a spacious visual effect by utilizing different combinations of colors/materials and the arrangement of the furnitures. 

I think one important element is the "open-space" design. Less clutters in sight naturally gives you a sense of openness and coziness. There is a good website where you can see many creative ideas about how to use space well. In case you are looking for inspirations for your own place, you can find it at Freshome

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