Sunday, July 3, 2011

Almost Too Hot For Clothes: A Colorful Day

On Saturday, I had lunch with bunch of friends at Firehaus. I love their energy, their laid-back attitude and their open-mindedness. I wonder why I did not do it more often before. Probably because of my laziness.

Today was almost too hot to wear anything. I had this urge to just wear my bikinis out. But then I saw this top in my closet that I had never worn before. I love the prints, the colors and the cut. I decided to give it a try. :)

Later at night, I was running in the street. It was dark and I had my iphone in my hand. So when I tripped, I totally fell on my knees. Oh iphone..and which 22-year-old still trips and falls? Before this, I had always been proud of my skill of recovering from trips. Cannot even remember when was the last time I tripped and fell.

They sting like crazy. :(


  1. Aw - I wish your knees better. I haven't fallen over in ages either! Love that top, if I was you I would have worn it the first day I got it!


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