Monday, July 11, 2011

A Busy Day: Why Is Saying Goodbye So Hard?

I woke up early today because I had to run some errands and I had so much to do today. The temperature was ridiculously high and the humidity was insane. After taking care of some errands, me and Stella had a little coffee date at the Starbucks in Urbana with her Tofu. :) Speaking of which, I read an article saying that Starbucks is going to launch a size bigger than Venti. It is called Trenta if I remember correctly. Why am I not surprised? Venti is never enough for me.

What could be better than sipping an Iced Venti Caramel Macchiato in a day like this? It was so sunny and hot outside that Tofu had to chew ice cubes to cool herself down.

Later at night, I went to Salvo's goodbye party at Blind Pig. Humans adopt to the environment and to things. But for me, parting is something that I can never get used to. Good things come to an end, but I just don't like saying goodbye. I am going to miss you Salvo. :( I wish you the best. Please find a job in Italy soon so I can come visit. (Preferably in Milan..) Even though you are such a mean person, but you are still one amazing person. And I'm glad I met you. :)

Now I'm back and packing for my trip to Riverside tomorrow. That is probably the only thing that is cheering me up now because I get to visit Grumpy's and the Riverside Library again. :)

Good night!

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