Saturday, May 28, 2011

Get out of your comfort zone!

I like ice cream. I may have ice cream when I eat at a restaurant but it’s never been on my grocery shopping list. Until……THIS!

I named it the “Muddy Rocky Road.” It’s supposed to be coffee and Rocky Road ice cream but I ran out of Rocky Road ice cream when I took this picture. I replaced it with regular chocolate chip ice cream. It's simple and delicious. I am definitely hooked with this dessert. And from now on, Rocky Road ice cream is a must-have item on my grocery shopping list.

This trivial change struck me in the head and made me wonder: When was the last time I tried something new?

Life should be more spontaneous. Last time I did something spontaneous was with Christina, almost a year ago! The last weekend of summer vacation, we decided to drive to Miami. We only had one night to plan and we hit the road the next day.

Being in such a small space for almost 20 hours was not so fun. But, it turned out to be worthwhile.

I will never forget the feeling when being on the beach. I thought, “Wow, last night I was still having coffee with Christian at Starbucks in Champaign. And now I’m here in MIAMI!”

I can have thousands of plans for my life; but none will lead to anything without execution.

Since I have decided to be more spontaneous and try new things in life, I started my day with a challenge of picking out an outfit that I've always loved but never felt confident wearing because of my height. (I’m 5’3)

I tied my hair up in a ponytail and it made a difference. My hair is long and wavy, so it kind of creates a visual effect that makes my upper body look longer than my lower body. So tying up my hair definitely helps.

I would prefer wearing wedges with this dress. But I wanted to be comfortable walking. So I just threw on a pair of sandals from Guess.

Last night, I was going through all my nail polishes. I decided to wear this obnoxious pink. It’s summer. It’s a colorful season. It’s a season to play colors!

Through the fashion photographer Cecil Beaton's eyes, fashion should be daring, be different, be impractical, and be anything that will assert imaginative vision against the play-it-safer.
So, get out of your comfort zone and start living your life now! You will be surprised how fun life can be once you get rid of the boring routines in your life.

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  1. You look awesome in your outfit, so pretty and summery. :)

    The Cat Hag


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