Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Look to the Bright Side!

Since I moved to LA, I have been wondering: "What possessed me to choose Illinois over California when I was deciding which school to go to three years ago?"

Pacific Ocean is to the west, and Naveda and Arizona are to the east of California. The geography of California provides such a diversity in sceneries we see here. Mountains, deserts, oceans and modern city life are all within reach here in California.

While things sound so perfect, the reality never is. The traffic is terrible. You can pick the weirdest time to leave your house in hope that you could avoid the traffic. But chances are you will still be stuck in traffic somewhere. Besides, parking may take up another 30 minutes after you arrive at your destination. And driving seems to bring out the worst out of people. It is like people would not be able to drive without cursing out at people.

But look to the bright side, there are so many enjoyable things that traffic and poor driving manners seem to be so trivial.


  1. Love your color combination in this pic and it looks GREAT on you. Checked out your blog and I love your photos of all the adventures you've been on. So cool!. Now following and maybe we can follow each other? =)
    xoxo (hugs & kisses till next time)

  2. Very cute fit,esp the heels and blog!


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