Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Zion Day 2: Hiking Trails Are No Jokes

The second day at Zion was tiring yet fulfilling and adventurous. We hiked two trails and by the end of the day, we were so exhausted. That night, even the light sleeper slept like a baby.

In the Zion park, you can only take shuttles to different stops that are close to different hiking trails unless you have a permit for private vehicle. We decided to hike the Weeping Rock trail first which was the second last stop on the hiking trail map. The name was so poetic that I had to see it. The trail was easy. It was only about 0.4 miles and the elevation change was about 100 feet.

It was a great decision to start with this trail because my hiking experience was close to zero. I thought of it was a warm up for the second trail of the day.

There was a guy playing drum. The sound bounced back and forth between the cliffs and created an echo effect. I felt like I was in some kind of tribal ceremony.

There were lizards everywhere! I guess they could easily survive in deserted environments because they could blend in so well with the background.

I loved having lunch by a random stream we found. Even trail mix became the most delicious food in the world. :)


  1. cute shorts.

  2. awesome shoes! :)


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